Cold Foot

Cold Foot

Cold feet is a common condition that affects many patients from all walks of life. The body responds to cold temperatures by reducing the blood flow to the extremities leaving the feet vulnerable. Chronic cold feet are often a result of impaired circulation (peripheral neuropathy) and lack of mobility. Patients with Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Arthritis and Cerebral Palsy are at risk of this condition. One of the major causes of cold feet is peripheral neuropathy which can effect the feet and hands trying to protect core temperature.

Peripheral Neuropathy

The most common type of peripheral neuropathy damages the nerves of the limbs, especially the feet. Nerves on both sides of the body are affected. Common symptoms of this kind of neuropathy are:

1.Numbness or insensitivity to pain or temperature
2.Tingling, burning, or prickling
3.Sharp pains or cramps
4.Extreme sensitivity to touch, even light touch
5.Extremely hot or COLD feet

These symptoms are often worse at night.

Possible Complications of Cold Feet

Abscess and Celulitis: Localized pockets of infection under the skin.

Dry Skin or Cracked Skin: As a result of cold feet, dry skin or cracks in the skin can lead to severe infection when inadequate blood flow is present. Individuals who are affected by peripheral neuropathy are particularly vulnerable to cold and are at risk of serious complications due to poor circulation to the feet and legs. It is extremely important to keep the patients feet warm and to keep the skin moisturized.

Loss of Sensation: Chronic cold feet can result in a loss of soft and sharp touch to the feet.

Loss of sleep: Recent studies have found that cold feet can result in disrupted sleep patterns.

Gangerene: In severe cases gangerene can occur. Gangerene is death of tissues (necrosis) which usually requires surgery.

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