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Ankle Sprains


An ankle sprain is a common sporting injury. It can be a very painful experience and can significantly affect a patient’s lifestyle. It occurs due to the ankle twisting and causes damage to the soft tissues and ligaments. A ligament consists of several strands of tissue all compacted together to form a strong structure, similar to a rope. An ankle sprain may result in a partial or complete tear of a ligament, which stabilizes the ankle joint. Once the ligament is torn, it becomes weak which in turn causes the ankle stability to be affected. The degree in which the ankle stability is affected is dependent upon the level of the tear. Symptoms include a swollen, painful ankle with possible bruising being present. This is due to ruptured blood vessels and the bleeding into the surrounding tissues. The two most common causes of an ankle sprain is either sports related or a biomechanical (walking) dysfunction. Some patients suffer from ankle sprains even if they walk for a short while. This is due to a condition called over pronation which can be controlled via insoles.

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